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HirePro's offers customized assessment as per domain, function or skill set. Our remote and asynchronous assessments lead to better selection ratio with reduction of logistics, turn-around time and interviewer effort.

Our Assessment Design Flow Cover



HirePro has enabled the assessment of over 500,000 candidates to date, with Pan-India delivery and logistics support capabilities. HirePro has a range of assessment solutions to suit diverse types of assessment requirements.

  • Proctored assessments
  • Remote delivery
  • Customized campus solutions
  • Establishment of physical assessment centres
  • Logistics and end-to-end management of assessment centres
  • ISO10667 Compliant Test Development
  • Large Validated Question Bank
  • 40+ SMEs for specialized assessment content development
  • Tie-ups with external industry/domain experts
  • Two rounds of Technical and Quality reviews before publishing
  • Security protocol followed in Tool based Question paper generation
  • Categorized questions based on Manual and Automated difficulty level index
    • Categorization is based on Blooms taxonomy
    • Difficulty level index is based on Subject matter expert inputs & History of Scoring patterns from candidate assessments