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Revolutionize talent acquisition with HirePro

HirePro’s proprietary resume data extraction and job matching engine HirePro ReUse enables real time search on hundreds of thousands of resumes in the client’s existing repository. Once the suitable candidates are identified, our unified communication platform HirePro Connect enables instant reach out to these candidates for interest check and scheduling. This programme activates the organisation’s database and uses it efficiently and effectively to source candidates at a fraction of cost.

With a wide talent base and the appetite of companies to expand their businesses, it is imperative to connect across to various geographies. To combat these variations and provide instant outreach to the right candidate, HirePro Connect uses combination of communication models for interest check and scheduling. These modes help any organisation irrespective of its size to catalyse the existing repository to source candidates.

HirePro Refer is the employee referral solution offered by HirePro. The team dons the hat of representing the employee referees with the aim of enhancing the overall experience. A dedicated online employee referral help desk provides real time credible access to information and updates. This programme is helpful in improving the offer to conversion ratio and reducing recruitment costs.

HirePro Partner has an extensive set of recruitment consultants spread across the length and breadth of India. Each of these vendors has been evaluated and classified according to capability, ensuring that a vibrant & all-encompassing range of skills and capabilities are inherent in the vendor base. Every requirement is communicated across relevant vendors in the ecosystem to maximize the generation of relevant interest for the requirement. Our supporting products are designed to eliminate profile duplication and vendor conflict.

Digital media is all-pervasive in the modern world and career pages on company websites are usually the first point of impact on candidates. HirePro’s extensive knowledge of talent drivers has resulted in a set of templates that are easy to use and customisable to quickly create career sites. With HirePro Direct, the team manages content on the career sites, ensuring that they stay relevant and impactful. This programme not only reduces the number of transactions and follow-up with candidates but also leads to enhanced user experience.

With the growing relevance of email campaigns HirePro’s e-Reach takes digital to a level above. Best-in-class email campaigns with strict adherence to industry’s best practices are delivered effortlessly for our customers. HirePro’s e-Reach ensures optimum personalization and customization for maximum returns.

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