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From Enterprise to Campus, offering seamless recruitment solutions

Understanding your business model, growth plans, vision, and culture forms the foundation of our recruitment strategy. The holistic understanding helps us to customise the strategy for immediate, medium, and long terms. HirePro's recruitment process models have a judicious mix of on-site and remote teams which enable efficient program management and optimal delivery support. Experiment, Excel and Endorse the recruitment process with HirePro.

HirePro leads the way when it comes to technology hiring. Our best in class services are supported by

  • Access to quality talent in technology through global network of sourcing partners and referrals
  • Active talent from a wide range of expertise and experience
  • Access to database of more than 5 lakh candidate
  • Access to over 25 thousand alumni from Tier 1 institutes across India

Considering the variety of verticals in technology e.g. Product Engineering, Networking & Storage, Application Development, Telecom & Wireless, Semiconductors or Infrastructure to name a few, the talent acquisition focus is to gauge the right interest as against the role in hand. Hiring for mid to senior level technology roles demands high level of engagement from hiring managers and potential candidates alike. Also, the diversity in roles, experience and location requires targeted candidate reach out.

Coupled with deep understanding of the business demands and talent landscape, HirePro brings forth an extremely customised solution to the table, empowered by an automated process management. Having managed over 75 large scale turnkey hiring projects with over 200 clients Pan- India, HirePro delivers the most promising technology recruitment experience available.

The innate ambition of establishing a consistent geographic outreach into emerging markets is a given for any company. This ambition warrants organisations to build, manage and engage employees across. Challenges are many but the solution is right here! HirePro applies the concepts of distribution network and Supply Chain Management for recruitment. Maintaining consistent quality, effective communication, and logistics management are our pillars of the formative recruitment strategy.

Characterised by high candidate inflow, large-scale assessments, distributed events, and low conversion at various stages back office recruitment is an uphill project. The recruitment professionals at HirePro apply the management Supply Chain and Assembly Line Manufacturing to achieve this goal. With a unique blend of service and cloud-based platforms, HirePro addresses the challenges that arise, with elan.

The University Relations Team would have behemoth experience and bandwidth. But with a little campus level intelligence and the right tools to approach campus-level recruitment, it would be an experience out of this world. Hop onto the expertise of HirePro in handling more than 2000+ campuses with a unique service and service delivery platform. We design, develop and implement a comprehensive campus hiring program that enables corporate to bring colleges, candidates, service providers, and internal stakeholders on one platform.

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